Our Factory

ARTEMIS dresses are made in a small family-run boutique atelier located in Klaipėda, Lithuania. The factory has its long-lasting traditions in producing small-batched collections that require craftsmanship, delicacy, and attention to detail. It is being run together by a husband and wife team and has 10 employees currently.

The Atelier is not only run by a family, it’s how it treats its employees too. Most of the existing team members working at the Atelier have been employed there since the opening of the business 1996. During this period of time, they have been traveling in this business journey together through thick and thin so loyalty, trust, humanity and sincere communication have become the inseparable values that describe the atmosphere in the company.

They have strong values and beliefs in sustainable production, therefore the factory is focused on working with environmentally-friendly and sustainable businesses only, who avoids overproduction, use ecological, stored or recycled fabrics and support the idea of ethical fashion.

We work closely with them developing our styles and their commitment and expertise has ensured that we can deliver the highest level of quality.

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Our Fabric Mill

The fabric mill is based in Izmir, Turkey at the end of the Silk Road. It was founded in 1949 and the headquarters are still based there. It’s a family run business and is held in high regard as a beacon to the community. We are working with them on the basis of shared values, excellence in quality, and their practical ability and unique selection of sustainable fabrics that adhere to strict chemical standards.⁣

They are one of the leading companies in Turkey that have specialised in natural fibres such as Silk, Linen and Wool and their blends with cotton and viscose and work exclusively with them.
As a company policy, they only work with yarn suppliers who have Oeko-tex certificates for their cotton. They can also provide GOTs, OCS, Sedex, BCI certificates and reports for their production. 

The facility’s door is always open for customers and audit companies for any kind of visit.
Work hours, hourly rates and wages of employees are all in balance with government policies and they support them to create a healthy and giving workplace. They have their own Ethical Standards handbook and teach their employees about work ethics on a regular basis.

The fabric mill is certified as an organic producer. Their production has recently been audited and their certifications are updated till February, 2021.

Circular mindset
They have a 7500 sqm closed area in their production facility where they collect and have invested in a special roof system on top of the factory that collects it in a water tank.
It reduces the risk of flood in the area and the water is used in the production to reduce impact on the environment. 

Waste less
The factory has an integrated water treatment facility that cleans the water from the production so that it can be used to support local farmers for agriculture.

New developments
They have invested in beam-dyeing machines to decrease their carbon footprint. These machines are more ecological than regular dyeing machines. They can dye a whole roll at a time due to the high pressure it applies.

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